Almost April

It’s almost my favorite month of the year, April!! New playlist, lots of spring shows and nice weather for running. I can’t decide what show I want to attend on my birthday, it has me quite distraught. Lots of new friends wanting to celebrate my b-day festivities but I did that last year and I kind of have this rule where I do whatever I please on my birthday. So…. I don’t know. I would love to go to Bottom Lounge but I’m leaning towards a show at Park West. It is my favorite venue next to Lincoln Hall. I don’t really want to make a decision on this one, I think I’d rather flow. So I’m going to just put out into the universe good vibes and good intentions for my birthday and see what comes back. I also really need to shake this awkward vibe, not my best state. I know I can do better, it’s like I reverted back to my pre-college 18 year old self in 3 weeks. It’s this weird out of body realization. I’m fully aware I’m feeling shy but just couldn’t shake it. WTF?

April 5…Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe or Gladkill / Sugarpill

April 10-11…Lotus

April 17… DJ noDJ

April 18… Polish Ambassador

April 19… This Must Be the Band

April 20… Particle

Then my hell week starts for both school and work. 1 month and 9 days until graduation, I can do this.


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