It is all finally starting to fall into place. Well I hope. I can’t believe I fell into this role. I’m literally living a dream. I’m so high on life, I quit drinking. Well I’ve severely cut back. I’ve always wanted to work in entertainment or fashion or be a rock-star. I used to make jokes about it in high-school but seriously, I have a chance to work with some really amazing artists who were the originators of the talkbox. I used to listen to their music on repeat. I LOVE THEM. The talkbox just makes you feel good. Their music hits a cord in my soul and all I can do is smile. I’m so blissed out over life. It’s insane. When you hear that phrase, “God works in mysterious ways” all I can do is say amen. I recently saw a post on facebook that said, “dreams so big they should scare you”. I’m terrified right now in the best way possible. So much opportunity, its like the doors finally are opening up for me and in a way that is sustainable and genuine and well-deserved. I’ve spent years building my resume so that I was different and so I could say , I deserve to be here. I paid my dues, I did it the right way, no one can say I’m not qualified. I want to help people, I want to use my skills and talents to make the world a better place, and I mean that. Its almost like, moving out to Arizona accelerated this anomaly of a career path. I told my dad that when you bought their first album in 1978, could you ever imagine your daughter would be the marketer behind their 2017 album. No sir….

I need to stay focused and keep planting the seeds I’ve been wanting to garden for years! Cannot wait to see what beautiful fruits start growing before the close of 2017.

xoVulpine Vixon


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