The great thing about March is the weather is uphill from here. This means that I can finally run outside. I hate running on a treadmill, I feel like a mouse doing the same repetitive task. Nothing feels greater than running outside until whatever was bothering you before seems to disappear. Whenever your having a bad day or something is heavy on your mind, just run until you stop thinking about it. I welcome March with open arms and a new playlist : )




Five Truths.

I need to be more honest. With myself, and with others. It’s not that I’m lying but I’m just not sharing the real me. I’m letting others push my boundaries in ways I dislike and I need to start being upfront.

1. I hate small talk.

2. I wish I was a computer programmer.

3. I wish I had the time to volunteer weekly.

4. I dislike going to “clubs”

5. I have bad anxiety.